Electric heating thermostat to choose six points

by:Edison      2020-09-22

electric heating thermostat installation can enhance the efficiency of heating, electric heating is one of the essential parts of our thermostat when the choose and buy, should be in accordance with the corresponding method of choose and buy, it is also selected to the premise of high quality products, as well as the steps necessary to improve product efficiency. So how to choose and buy is suitable for the electric heating temperature control and high quality? Factory Suggestions are put forward six techniques of choose and buy:

1, watching the thermostat output control power

the thermostat output control power first question to consider is to choose the thermostat, it relates to the use of safe, stable, if choose undeserved can cause serious consequences, the thermostat products are marked with output voltage and current control, control the output voltage and current multiplication, can get the output control power. The operation of the controlled equipment power must be smaller than the output of the thermostat control power. So the right is very good!

2, see the thermostat input and output voltage

some brands thermostat support multiple voltage input, first make sure the input voltage and allow the input voltage to ensure consistent. For alternating current (ac) not too many requirements, main is to use dc power supply, it is important to note is the cathode connection, can't take line inside out, or you will burn out the hvac thermostat.

3, whether the remote control of the temperature controller stable

the thermostat can stable received from remote control instructions, to timely adjust the temperature in the home, play a decisive role. High-quality temperature controller to provide a safe, stable and reliable Internet connection service. When your phone under a state of the Internet, can be stable and smoothly control home heating equipment.

4, see the thermostat material

some large formal manufacturers choose conform to the fire rating in the industry of ABS material for hvac thermostat panel, whereas many inferior thermostat manufacturer with no fire retardant materials of ordinary plastic panel, even some manufacturer use recycling electronic materials and processed into the thermostat panel, pose a safety hazard. shell adopts high temperature resistant ABS fire prevention materials, waterproof and dustproof design level is much higher than the industry standard. 10 layer safety protection structure design, leave no dead Angle.

5, see process

process decide the using quality of thermostat, quality thermostat delicate to 0. Never compromise in 1 mm, deduce from square to round conversion, through quality and experience.

6, LCD display screen

the stand or fall of liquid crystal display there is clarity, so everyone in the choice of electric heating thermostat, buy high-definition display as far as possible, otherwise such as ghosting will bring some trouble.

these are our factory summary of LCD thermostat six skills of choose and buy, the other questions, our technical personnel can according to your question, give a reasonable solution, your demand is our power of innovation, we are ready to provide high quality products for your demand.

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