Electric heating thermostat what are the benefits? What are the important points chosen?

by:Edison      2020-09-22

electric heating thermostat what are the benefits?

1。 Electric floor heating system software as a separate heating system, electric floor heating thermal mechanical automation is intelligent temperature control system according to the thermostat.

2。 Electricity floor heating hvac thermostat to maintain a pyrogen temperature Settings, keep the floor heating system is more smooth, smooth, environmental protection and energy saving effect.

3。 Electricity floor heating thermostat, convenient application, the actual operation more simple and easy, with a large range environmental protection and energy saving, and more comfortable.

4。 Customers can according to all the people to set each room is not sensitive to temperature as the temperature, therefore more than comfortable central heating effect. Can also according to the different points time setting temperature.

to work or go out, can set the temperature in the 12 ℃

the home from work time range set at 22 ℃

when you go to bed temperature set at 18 20 ℃

when housing is not settled for a long time, but will allocate ultra-low temperature heating system work to maintain the floor heating system, in the home when the manipulation of the floor heating system work, make the room temperature rises to the required temperature, so customers can immediately after taking the home heating, to provide for the comfortable enjoy.

indoor temperature automatic control system for the automation technology not only keep the ground heating comfortable central heating effect, also greatly reduces the operating cost of heating. Visible ground heating temperature control system software in the necessity of floor heating system.

electric floor heating is a detailed system software, the management center control according to the thermostat to maintain. Use electric heating thermostat to various commands. Actually when choosing to pay more attention to the following contents:

1. Room temperature setting accuracy, good temperature controller can adjust the temperature accurately, accurately distinguish at room temperature, key according to the camera to keep this kind of action;

2。 With electric heating floor system software applications: the thermostat is varied, have knobs type mechanical equipment, has a program controller type large digital LCD screen, the application of different thermostat apart is quite big. When choosing the hvac thermostat to fully considering the convenience of application;

3。 Associated with the main use of: should pay attention to on the basis of the main purposes of the room to select the hvac thermostat, such as: do not use in the bathroom of indoor temperature thermostat;

4。 Associated with energy consumption: choose the suitable for electric heating thermostat is able to customers in the future, during the whole process of the application of reasonable save energy.

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