Electric heating thermostat wiring must understand the related content

by:Edison      2020-09-23

we are shandong famous electric heating thermostat manufacturers, engaged in the thermostat a variety of models of production and sales, is one of the industry trusted merchants, in order to let the customer know the advantage of the products, we are going to detailed wiring different meanings, in principle thoroughly solve the problem of people for the application of the hvac thermostat, if you have other questions, can ask us, we will according to the practical experience to provide effective solution for everyone.

work, electric heating thermostat corresponding control according to the set value, thus the output switch signal to the actuator, such as relay, contactor, time relay, etc. Heat carrier generally have heating rods, heating pipe, heating wire, usually have a thermocouple temperature sensor ( TC) , thermal resistance ( RTD) , thermistor, etc.

high total low is electric heating thermostat switch output signal, usually in the form of relay output type. The public always relay output, high signal relay output is close, low output signal. In practical use, with high total signal, low total open signal. Contactor, for example, if the heating temperature to set the value output off making coil and electrical signal, and electricity.

the wiring is very simple, a total of 12 terminals. 123 thermal resistance, 456 after the alarm, high low total joint actuator ( Relay, contactor, etc. ) And, following a 220 v power supply.

value is the total height of tube, and alarm of tube is upper and lower limit value. Temperature measurement range in 0 ~ 100 ℃, for example, set point at 60 ℃. Under normal circumstances, higher than 60 degrees Celsius, the contactor coil should be losing electricity, if the coil without electricity, continues to heat up to 100 ℃, the alarm signal occurred and drive the alarm device.

we when installing electric heating thermostat, must according to the manufacturer to provide wire instructions for, this is the must step effective temperature control equipment, more technology and application, can call on our website, we sincerely waiting for your call.

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