Electric two-way valve become the mainstream of the world development trend

by:Edison      2020-09-28

the drive electric two-way valve driven by single hysteresis synchronous motor, valve spring return, valve does not work in a normally closed state, when the need to work, provided by a hvac thermostat open signal to make the electric valve connected to the ac power and action.

the body has two kinds of threaded connection and flange connection, easy installation, the construction conform to the IEC international standards

the body structure has a two-way valve ( Single seat) , two-way balancing valve ( Balance type) Diverter valve, three-way merge and tee. It is divided into direct acting and pilot type two kinds.

environment factors and life needs to be in electric two-way valve materials and surface treatment of mode selection of important factor.

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comes in a vast array of styles and ac compressor control valve depending on which hvac expansion valveis used.
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