Electric two-way valve how to realize automatic control, please?

by:Edison      2020-09-27

the drive electric two-way valve driven by single hysteresis synchronous motor, valve spring return, valve does not work in a normally closed state, when the need to work, provided by a hvac thermostat open signal to make the electric valve connected to the ac power and action.

electric two-way valve is for central air conditioning fan coil products, consists of two parts, driver and body, drive, driven by a synchronous motor with spring return and manual throttle lever manipulation functions.

DPS - air differential pressure switch 1 is used to detect filter ventilation, filter is dirty, the lower the permeability rate, the greater the pressure difference on both sides of the. When the pressure difference exceeds the DPS - 1 set value, micro switch action, send out alarm signal.

Nowadays, the adoption of home thermostat in ac compressor control valve industry is quite common.
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