Electric two-way valve what are the differences and common electric butterfly valve?

by:Edison      2020-09-25

it is well known that electric two-way valve is for central air conditioning fan coil products, and more commonly the hvac thermostat, temperature automatic adjustment can be realized. Electric butterfly valve and electric control valve belong to a species, are important in the field of industrial automation control execution unit. Below we specific to understand the difference between the two electric two-way valve and electric butterfly valve, the difference between a: product performance, electric two-way valve is for central air conditioning fan coil products; While the electric butterfly valve with electric control valve is varieties; Difference between 2: product functionality, electric two-way valve is automatic adjustment; The adjustment way of electric butterfly valve are many. Difference between the three: product category is different, electric two-way valve body activities with piston structure; And the structure of butterfly valve are diversified, such as the seal form can be divided into soft seal and hard seal type two kinds. The selection of electric two-way valve also according to the actual usage for selection! First of all, what we need to consider is what is the diameter of electric two-way valve and use: 1, if it is used in fan coil units, mostly DN15 ~ DN25 three kinds of specifications, this used to compare a single, refers to is the switch type; 2, if it is used in air unit, usually for DN25 ( Including the DN25) Above with a proportion adjusting electric two-way valve; Project and to consider whether need to bring the feedback signal, and have the requirement, it will find that with 0 ~ 10 v or 4 ~ 20 ma actuators to form a complete set.

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