Electric water heater how to remove the mix water valve?

by:Edison      2020-09-10

remove mix water valve electric water heater? Electric water heater in the mix water valve is easy to damage to a component, such as leakage, water, or can not adjust the water temperature, etc. , if the contact maintenance personnel can be tricky, and even have to wait a long time, mix water valve manufacturer to teach you very simple method is to buy a same mix water valve replacement, specific how to remove?

mix water valve manufacturer to prompt you first need to close the inlet valve, put all the water in the water heater is clean, as long as the check valve handle up drainage. Then mix water valve outlet of the flower is aspersed hose disassembly, counterclockwise screw down. In the bottom of the mix water valve handle, there is a fixed handle screw, unscrew the handle can be counterclockwise with a screwdriver. Mix water valve is with a round cover to cover, cover with a plastic nut, counterclockwise unscrewing the cap nut. Screw the nut after the round lid can be taken, then you can see inside the body. Then screw driver under fixed screw, and then left and right sides of the hot water pipe and water pipe joint with adjustable wrench removed can be replaced.

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