Fan coil control system for central air conditioning

by:Edison      2020-08-30
< P> fan coil control system for central air conditioner hvac thermostat used by 'how much for how many' to 'how much' how much for this kind of qualitative change implementation provides the foundation, embodies the usage fees, according to need to use, according to 'multi-purpose pay, with less pay for less', 'how much to pay how much' < / P> < P> the basic principle of charge. It can not only make the pipe material departments in charge according to the can depend on, reduce the workload of property management, improve the efficiency of the property management company, at the same time, improve accuracy, rationality, billing work

still can guide users to set up the correct consumption idea, prompt the user to save energy, reduce the workload of central air conditioning system to extend the service life of equipment, reduce the operation cost, increase burden of double effect.

the networking type temperature controller can be achieved by the control center to control the working state of the fan coil units, in office buildings and government office building adopts the temperature controller can realize timing start-stop fan coil units, can be forced to set the room temperature by the control center,

to achieve maximum energy saving

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