Fan coil fan coil thermostat manufacturer is the ideal of central air conditioning terminal products

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fan coil fan coil manufacturer is an ideal product, at the end of the central air conditioning fan coil units are widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, residential and commercial, scientific research institutions. Fan mix indoor air or outdoor air through the table after cooler for cooling or heating into indoor, make indoor air temperature is lower or higher, in order to satisfy people's comfort requirements.

basic information

fan-coil unit is mainly composed of low noise motor, fin and heat exchange coil, etc. Cold dish tube ( Hot) Media by computer room air conditioning centralized water supply. Fan coil product standards must be based on GB/T 19232 - 2003 production for fan coil units, the national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection center for many times entrusted by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine national fan coil units of product quality supervision and spot check, fan coil to detect unqualified project is mainly in the majority with noise and refrigerating capacity.

horizontal fan coil


the historical status and development of Chinese fan coil units, fan coil in China has experienced several changes in the process. In the early understanding of fan-coil unit stay on the basis of main satisfies the requirement of air volume. Think that as long as air volume big can meet the requirements, is a good fan coil. Under the guidance of the concept, the production of the main characteristic of fan coil units are a common excessive air volume, then there is the unit of large noise, energy, detection when the production of fan coil units around the unit power refrigerating capacity only 40 w. Because of the noise is big, the situation was brought by the people to enjoy air conditioning in xixi cold air at the same time, also had to endure the suffering of the annoying noise.

in order to solve the above problem, set out to modify the fan coil unit product standards of the state. GB/T 19232-2003 2003 'fan coil units' enacted on every performance of the fan coil has carried on the strict rules, all performance testing should include air flow, cooling capacity, heating capacity, water resistance, condensation, water treatment. Quality problems in engineering, GB 50411-2007 Building energy conservation engineering construction quality acceptance specification 10 2007. 2. 2 mandatory & quot; Fan coil unit and heat insulation material comes into play, the reinspection should be made for the following technical performance parameters of the reinspection shall be the witness of sampling inspection. Fan coil units of cooling, heating, air volume, export static pressure, noise and power; The random sampling inspection; Check the reinspection report. Check number: the same manufacturer of fan coil units at 2% of the number of the reinspection, but shall not be less than two (2) & quot; 。

the fan coil manufacturing industry in recent years, China is developing rapidly, the annual output has been from the early eighty s of thousands of millions of surge up to now. In the mid - eighty - s, trane, york, carrier and other companies in the United States as a representative of fan coil manufacturing abroad, has completed the upgrading of products, and launched a whole new generation of products. Air-conditioning industry in China was reveling in domestic fan coil in the cold quantity and noise isolation parameters such as close to foreign products rather than the real difference in the comprehensive performance and using effect, so that the product upgrade has failed to cause any KongDiaoJie in China. But in 2000 with the implementation of several domestic standards, domestic air conditioning enterprise to catch up, the latest generation of fan coil in the properties, varieties and the domestic products and foreign products are similar, and foreign enterprises of production base and research and development center also have moved to the home.

because of the fan coil system is easy to control, easy to install, and low cost, so to expanding its application field, the product type is also increasing. When the traditional large central air-conditioning and split type of household air conditioning cannot meet the management requirements of the modern civilization of human settlement environment quality and living, the concept of household central air conditioning arises at the historic moment, fan coil units as a indispensable role in it. Such as: hot and cold water units and fan coil air cooled modular ( Such as trane) , air-cooled hot and cold water units and fan coil units and floor heating modular ( Such as tsinghua Sloan) And water ( Ground) Source heat pump units and fan coil units combined, air-cooled water chillers and domestic boiler and fan coil modular ( If york) And so on, household central air conditioning is a new concept in recent years in China, but in the United States already has nearly half a century of application experience. And at present, household central air conditioning is becoming China's property developers improve the grade of buildings and their owners to improve the living quality of a condition.

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