Fan coil how to install

by:Edison      2020-08-22
Central air conditioning is the first choice for modern family for temperature control equipment, installed it hidden beautiful, soft and comfortable, so get a lot of the user's favorite. As the central air conditioning fan coil ideal products, at the end of the heat exchanger, water pipes, filters, fan, water pans, exhaust valve, stents and so on, its installation in place or not, directly affect the use effect of central air conditioning, comfortable 100 small make up for the user, this paper has a detailed interpretation of the fan coil installation steps. Fan coil installation steps - Preparation fan coil units shall be installed by experienced professionals and before the installation, the first thing to check whether the prophase work ready, such as air pipe, water pipe, wire interface unit and fixed screw, etc. In addition, in order to rule out handling may cause unexpected circumstances, before the installation, should coil units ( 1. 0Mpa) Leak test of the fan coil installation steps - Installation steps unit lifting: vertical unit installed in a horizontal ground; Diameter 6 - horizontal units for hoisting, recommended 8 mm all-thread screw with fixed flat washer, spring washer and nut, lifting unit shall ensure that the water pan slope to drain 5 & deg; Above, for the condensed water outflow. Note should remain secure when the unit lifting, hoisting points should be tight and firm, have enough strength to withstand the weight of the equipment operation. Installation: installation, flexible pipe and connection of the unit recommended over and raw tape sealing. Pipe connection not overexert, avoid too hard and cause pipeline torsion crack leakage. Install filters: feed line of the unit and chilled water pump inlet filter should be installed, and in order to avoid the water impurities clogging coil; Go through the water softening unit, to ensure that the coil in the thermal efficiency. Valve installation, valve should be installed on the unit in and out of the water pipe, easy to adjust the water flow and repair in a timely manner when cut off the water. Circuit connection: fan coil power supply and switch connection, should be strictly carried out in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram. Before the circuit connection should first check the power supply voltage, frequency and phase number is consistent with the unit requirements, pay attention to the supply voltage deviation is no more than 10% of the rated voltage. It is forbidden to more units to control a hvac thermostat. Fan coil installation steps - Maintenance for central air conditioning is cooperate with the family is decorated in, in the fan coil units after the installation is complete, the owner will go home of painting and condole top, in order to avoid the late when decorating, dust and impurities into the fan coil units, installation personnel should be in fan coil units after the installation is complete, with thin film or cloth cover unit, keep clean inside the unit.
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