Fan coil installation steps is introduced

by:Edison      2020-08-23
Fan coil units, believes that many consumers are not very strange, fan coil units in our application of central air conditioning is very broad, main effect is to help our central air conditioner indoor ventilation and temperature control, small make up today is to introduce the case rhett fan coil units installed some matters needing attention for your understanding. Fan coil is an ideal product, at the end of the central air conditioning by a heat exchanger, water pipes, filters, fan, water pans, exhaust valve, stents and so on, its working principle is within the unit continuously recirculation of air of the room, make the air through the cold water ( Hot water) After the coil is cooling ( Heating) In order to maintain a constant room temperature. Usually, after processing into indoor air through the new fan group, to meet the needs of the new air volume air conditioning room. 1. Fan coil installation, in and out of the water pipe should be set valve, to regulate water, also can use with electric valves hvac thermostat control, electrical connection method should be in strict accordance with the electrical wiring diagram connection unit. 2. When installation should pay attention to in and out of the water bearing, in order to facilitate pipe installation, fan coil units have left into ( A) And right into the water, A) Water two types to choose from. When the judge, should face the outlet if in and out of the gate on the left side is the left, the water in its right is the right into the water. After more than vertical with the coil for the ( Into) Water. 3. On the fan coil units with cold and hot water pipe to take over the manual and electric water valve should be set below the water dish. The water dish plate connected with fan coil set water, also can ask the manufacturer to the original water pan is longer, to ensure that the valve such as the joint can condensate water pan is along the discharge. Insulation and should be closed to prevent secondary condensate. 4. Connection pipe for the next into the out, in and out of the flexible hose, hose recommended attention over the torsion should not be too big, lest damage heat exchanger, in and out of the pipe shall be heat preservation, threaded teflon tape sealing, link recommended drain to keep enough slope. 5. The height of the installation and location, shall be fixed according to drawings and the height of the civil condole top, avoid down can't install or lateral tuyere. At the same time should also consider connection in and out of the water level, condensate pipe slope, etc. , should cooperate with other professional each other again after installation.
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