Fan coil thermostat adopts the most advanced microcomputer control chip

by:Edison      2020-08-26

fan coil hvac thermostat adopts the most advanced microcomputer control chip, through internal precise NTC sensor, controller to detect the indoor temperature. And real-time compared with user set temperature, automatically adjust the volume of changes in temperature or switch electric valve to achieve the purpose of keep indoor temperature. Turn on/off control, main functions and features: indoor temperature setting, the sleep function ( Optional) , set the timer switch machine, indoor temperature measurement and display, can connect two or three line of electric valve, three-speed manual or automatic conversion fan, the clock function, the function of remote control, Optional) 。 Luxurious appearance generous, large screen LCD, memory function, power setting data timing lost, show the room temperature, setting temperature, heating and cooling, wind speed, clock technology parameters in time. Current load: 1 a, temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃, its power consumption: & lt; 1. 5 w, temperature control range: 10. 0℃- 30. 0 ℃, appearance size: 86 mmx86mmx13mm ( Length X width X height) , working voltage: 220 vac plus or minus 10% 50/60 hz.

fan coil hvac thermostat is suitable for the industrial, commercial, household the temperature control in the bedroom. Central air conditioner hvac thermostat by microcomputer intelligent control technology, through the indoor temperature and set temperature, at the end of the fan coil air conditioning system and electric control valve or electric air valve. To adjust the indoor temperature, improve the environmental comfort, the purpose of saving energy. The hope can help you!

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