Fan coil thermostat air conditioning system of fire prevention

by:Edison      2020-09-01
Automatic smoke fire damper ( The subway engineering use) Subway ventilation, fan coil hvac thermostat air conditioning system of fire and smoke exhaust valve with automatic fire alarm devices and gas fire extinguishing system linkage control. Each automatic smoke fire damper has two independent electric control signal, respectively by the EMCS, gas system to monitor the control signals for DC24V + 10%. Each automatic smoke fire damper has six independent feedback signal ( Three open in place, locked in place) Feedback signals are passive normally open contacts. Smoke: if you are in the pipeline installed necessary exhaust valve, with ordinary single louvers tuyere can; Otherwise need plate exhaust port, it also with smoke fire damper of institutions. Aluminum alloy tuyere, air-conditioning tuyere, double shutter tuyere, diffuser / / vertical dark outfit fan coil
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