Fan coil thermostat development experience and function change?

by:Edison      2020-09-25

the development of application of fan coil hvac thermostat in China experience, can be roughly divided into four generations: the first generation: manual manual three-speed switch: mechanical switch to electronic switch; The second generation: semi-automatic manual three-speed ten bimetallic strip tt&c ( Electric valve on-off regulation) , or manual three-speed ten electronic on-off regulator control electric valve; The third generation: general automatic conventional electronics ( Or hybrid) Variable air volume hvac thermostat; The fourth generation: microcomputer multi-function automatic with high integration, high reliable and single chip microcomputer multi-function variable amount of hvac thermostat. As with all the control of product development process, fan coil thermostat also experienced the following changes: ( 1) Ten semi-automatic ~ general automatic multi-function intelligent automatic manual; ( 2) A simple (simple and complex High integration, multi-function) ; ( 3) Bimetallic strip mechanical ~ a hybrid electronic intelligence type; ( 4) Electronic components; Discrete electronic components ~ ~ very large scale integrated circuit of integrated circuits; ( 5) A small volume, mass or multi-body integration; ( 6) More than two position adjusting proportion adjusting a conventional PID adjustment to modern intelligent adjustment; ( 7) Non-standard ~ standardization; ( 8) Setting: delicate - button a touch/proximity switch potentiometer. In recent years, single chip microprocessor ( Microcomputer) The application of automatic control technology, the advanced stage of development to a whole new control equipment is complicated by Jane, improve reliability, volume small, the enhancement, the price is reduced, the performance of the fan coil thermostat has a more obvious: the development of computer, digital, energy saving, miniaturization, etc.

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