Fan coil thermostat factory technical specification

by:Edison      2020-08-24

fan coil thermostat manufacturer specification


mechanical coil temperature controller applied in commercial, industrial and civil buildings. For heating, air conditioning of central air-conditioning fan coil units at the end, to control the water valve. The alleged workplace environment for constant temperature setting temperature range. Temperature setting plate pull pointer position should be set to the required constant temperature. Pull switch function: the power switch ( Open ON - Shut OFF) ; Operating mode switch ( Heating HEAT - The air-conditioner COOL) , FAN speed switch ( Low-speed L - Medium speed M - High-speed H) 。 Can control equipment: three fan coil wind speed, three line electric valve, the second line of electric valve, also can connect the wind valve solenoid valve, switch mode or three linear air valve. Exterior size


1, the rated voltage: 230 vac plus or minus 10% 50/60 hz

2, load current, & lt; 3 a impedance load

: 3, temperature deviation at 25 ℃ or less 1 ℃

4, environment temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ relative humidity & lt; 85% ( 23℃)

5, appearance size: 130 x85x40 ( Thick length X width X


1, the temperature setting through the knob setting, convenient, intuitive

2, can be directly with the standard junction box on the wall on

3, beautiful appearance, reliable performance

4, switch the toggle type, comfortable, long life

5, can control the two or three linear motor ( The ball) The

6, can be used to control fan coil units and electric ( The ball) Wind valve or valve equipment such as

7, bimetallic large bellows box temperature sensing element to ensure accurate temperature control according to the requirement of

8, automatic hot and cold transformation can be controlled by a thermostat pipe ( Refers to certain types of hvac thermostat)

9, special function: a. Stop transfinite b. Safety cover c. For special installation requires the wall hanging way

10, all models of constant temperature heat premonition, hunch device can further improve the thermal heat temperature control

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