Fan coil thermostat, fan coil leakage may occur in what place?

by:Edison      2020-09-28

fan coil is usually installed in air conditioning room directly, its working state and working quality will affect the interior noise levels and air quality. So must be prepared to air filters, water plate, coil, fan and other major parts of daily maintenance work, ensure the normal order of the fan coil units to work, don't have a negative impact.

fan coil units, fan coil units for the pass of hot and cold water cold heat to important mission by fan coil's air. In order to guarantee high efficiency heat transfer to the surface of the coil are kept clean. However, due to the general equipped with fan coil units are coarse filter, perforation is larger, at the beginning, when using unavoidably have through dust filter attached on the surface of coil pipe or ribbed. If not timely cleaning, hot and cold water in the coil and coil outflows decrease of heat exchange between air and coil heat exchanger efficiency cannot give full play to come out. If a lot of dust adhesion, and even the part of the air passage between the fin were blocked, at the same time also will reduce the number of fan coil air output, reduce the air conditioning performance further.

fan coil clean way can clean way of air filter, but cleaning cycle can be longer, general cleaning once a year. If it is seasonal use of air conditioning clean at the end of the air conditioning season at a time. To, do not use the overall removed from the installation place clean way, to reduce the cleaning work quantity and the impact of the dismantling works for.

in the maintenance of fan coil units, leakage is a common phenomenon, various causes of water leakage and firm sinovac fan coil factory is a professional engaged in fan coil manufacturing enterprise, we will follow the firm sinovac fan coil plant under the technical people and have a look at what is going on:

room fan coil units often leaking problem, such as was not damaged, pipe, valve parts usually is caused by the condensed water. This water leaking in fan coil set, main insulation, enhance thermal insulation, can be ruled out; As in the water dish, fan coil is condensed water pipe is not smooth, is caused by the condensation water overflow, dredge condensate pipe, usually prepare a 4 & ndash; 5 meters long plastic tube, a condensed water discharge pipe, head into a pick up in the bathroom faucet ( Can make a small joint, rely on threaded screw) on the faucet , the use of the water pressure, the pipeline dredge, or use the carbon dioxide gas purging.

fan coil condensate blockage phenomenon is often the water main is room fan coil exist, coupled with a comfortable temperature, easy to have a reproductive growth of algae produce colloidal slippery is extremely thick residual mass, the condensed water pipe plug.

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