Fan coil thermostat manufacturer - Function and parameters

by:Edison      2020-08-27

fan coil thermostat manufacturer - Function and parameter

fan coil thermostat is suitable for the industrial, commercial, household the temperature control in the bedroom. The hvac thermostat, thermostat electronic hvac thermostat. Through the indoor temperature and set temperature, at the end of the fan coil air conditioning system and electric control valve or electric air valve. To adjust the indoor temperature, improve the environmental comfort, the purpose of saving energy.

main function

cooling/heating/ventilation function

indoor temperature setting temperature measurement and display

power lost memory

time switch machine function

antifreeze protection blue screen backlight ( Optional) Infrared remote control functions ( Optional)

temperature calibration function

technical parameters:

power supply voltage: AC220V plus or minus 50-10% 60 hz

set temperature range: 0 - 95 ℃

temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃

: current load impedance 3 a perceptual 1 a

its power consumption: & lt; 1 w

display: LCD

connection mode: terminal crimping

work environment: 0 50℃ 5- 95% RH( No condensation)

shell material: ABS + PC

appearance size: 86 X 86 X 13 mm

installation pitch: 60 mm ( Standard 86 box installed)

according to user requirements, flexible design!

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