Fan coil thermostat manufacturer - Install wiring two major problems that should be paid attention to

by:Edison      2020-08-23

fan coil LCD hvac thermostat on the installation of wiring, should pay attention to the following two major problems.

1, the first thing you want to know you this fan coil units of LCD thermostat to control what equipment.

2, find out how much these devices need to pick up line, every line where took it. Of course the general control fan coil fan coil LCD hvac thermostat is 7 wire is given priority to, From fan coil terminal need to pick up 4 with line, this 4 with line were high, medium, low and zero line, plus installed on the fan coil of the three wires of electric valve is open valve line respectively, close the valve line and zero line. The seven lines respectively with fan coil LCD hvac thermostat terminals) 。 Another is fan coil wire, introduced in the LCD thermostat and the zero line, the two wires that will see you from that pick up the free control, as long as connected to 220 v power supply.

there is a LCD thermostat fan coil units, that is floor heating thermostat, fan coil units LCD thermostat is used to control equipment such as electric blanket, geothermal film of floor heating floor heating products, this is the fan coil thermostat 6 wire, respectively by two line of floor heating equipment, external sensors, as well as the power cord.

fan coil structure is compact, strong and durable, usually made of high quality galvanized sheet casing, condensing water with the duct plate moulding process forming, no weld, solder joints, conform to the overall connection of the heat preservation material of the code for fire protection in water. Drainage pipe and line installation is simple, left and right over air return way can change at any time, to match the situation at the scene. Heat exchanger reasonable matching, three adjustable air volume,

fan-coil unit is mainly composed of low noise motor, impeller and heat exchange coil, etc. Fan coil is an ideal product, at the end of the central air conditioning fan coil units are widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, residential and commercial, scientific research institutions.

above, the hope can help you if you have not understand can telephone consultation: 19912509557 ( WeChat synchronization)

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