Fan coil thermostat manufacturer - Technical features

by:Edison      2020-08-29

fan coil hvac thermostat manufacturer - Technical features

this series hvac thermostat through the national quality certification, in line with the national electrical safety standard, products through the CE certification. Is suitable for the industrial, commercial, domestic bedroom indoor temperature control, etc. Can also according to customer's specific requirements to customize special hvac thermostat performance.

product technical characteristics

1, the working voltage ac 220 plus or minus 10% working voltage range ( Can also be customized special voltage range products according to customer requirements)

2, 5 - temperature control range 35℃ ( Can also according to customer request special customized)

- 3, temperature display range 9 - - 65 ℃

4, temperature display deviation plus or minus 1 ℃

product technical characteristics

1. Large screen LCD operating side. Make the temperature digital control, the operation is simple to understand

2. Four hours every day temperature control switch machine, make your life more regularize

3. Blue backlight make the product more human nature, feel gentle

4. Remote control function, and with the function of voice prompt set temperature. ( Remote control type products with this feature)

5。 Applicable to any market an electric valve

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