Fan coil thermostat manufacturer vertical characteristics of fan coil units

by:Edison      2020-08-31

: fan coil hvac thermostat manufacturer vertical characteristics of fan coil

fan coil body structure, compact, durable, beautiful and elegant nobility. Fan coil is made of high quality galvanized sheet casing, condensate plate adopts a integrated moulding process, no weld, solder joints, conform to the overall connection of the heat preservation material of the code for fire protection in water. Fan coil small volume, lightweight body design. Drainage pipe and line installation is simple, left and right over air return way can change at any time, to match the situation at the scene. The unit can be installed on any Spaces. Fan coil units with high efficiency, advanced tube expanding process, to ensure the close contact of copper and aluminum foil in heat exchanger, heat transfer performance is good. Fan and fan coil low noise, reasonable airflow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing insulation materials, the noise is lower than the national standard 1 - unit 3dB( A) ; Fan and fan coil low energy consumption, heat exchanger reasonable matching, three adjustable air volume, fan electricity most save electricity.

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