Fan coil thermostat manufacturers a thermostat to control several sets of fan coil units?

by:Edison      2020-08-26

a thermostat to control fan coil thermostat manufacturer several sets of fan coil units?

a thermostat according to a rule is not allowed to pick up two or more than two sets of fan coil units.

because it can damage the hvac thermostat control, fan coil motor burned, because each fan coil backflow current produced at work is different, so can make the motor temperature rise, additional load so that the motor burned, if a fan coil motor burned in a short period of time will make parallel all motor burned; May make the motor speed is not normal, so for a long time can cause motor damage. ( If the same model with manufacturer production better, different type different manufacturer that is more don't say it was never a thermostat to control two or more than two sets of fan coil units) 。

installation method

1. Will this controller driver board ( Power board) According to the requirements of figure fitting of fan coil units, electric valve ( Electromagnetic valve or air valve) And the power cord.

2。 LCD main board and power drive pan-hu ribbon cable connection is good.

3。 LCD motherboard back cover landed, embedding power driver board embedded within the cassette.

4。 Use screws to fix back cover.

5。 Will face the card into the back cover, installation.

a thermostat to control only a fan coil? Why is that?

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