Fan coil thermostat operating voltage

by:Edison      2020-09-03
1, fan coil hvac thermostat operating voltage communication within 220 plus or minus 10% operation voltage scale ( Can also according to customer needs to customize special voltage size of goods) 2, temperature control size 5 - 35℃ ( Can also according to customer needs special customization) 3 - appeared, temperature scale 9 - - 65 ℃, the temperature error of plus or minus 1 ℃ 5, the hvac thermostat on load to 2 amperes ( By the professional test, commonly used fan operating current is zero. 33 - 0. 55 ampere) 6, 24 hour clock function, by the way
hvac expansion valve motor operated valve, device for producing ac compressor control valve, hvac expansion valve, and other ac compressor control valve, consisting of hvac expansion valve.
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