Fan coil thermostat to control what equipment

by:Edison      2020-09-02
First: first of all you have to know you what the fan coil thermostat to control equipment. The second: find out how much these devices need to pick up line, every line where took it. Of course the general control fan coil fan coil hvac thermostat is 7 wire is given priority to, From fan coil terminal need to pick up 4 with line, this 4 with line were high, medium, low and zero line, plus installed on the fan coil of the three wires of electric valve is open valve line respectively, close the valve line and zero line. The seven lines respectively with fan coil thermostat terminals) 。 Another is fan coil hvac thermostat imported wire and the zero line, the two wires that will see you from that pick up the free control, as long as connected to 220 v power supply.
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