Fan coil thermostat unit features

by:Edison      2020-08-30
Fan coil hvac thermostat unit features low unit design is advanced, the variety is complete, superior performance. There are vertical, horizontal, cassette, and bright, dark with a variety of specifications. Choose wide Angle spiral case with steel Ye Shuang suction centrifugal rotor, with low noise rolling bearing, light weight, high strength, smooth operation, can realize a variety of priority matching, long service life, low operating cost. When using capacitive motor and without permanent oil compensating high-precision bearings with high quality, the motor shaft and the shell are nickel plated anticorrosive processing. Low due to the motor using high quality imported light bearing, motor is more durable, ensure trouble-free running 25000 hours. Low coil heat exchanger using adopt international standard air conditioning copper tube and aluminum fin double flanging water membrane, and the mechanical expansion knot, one integrated mass, higher heat transfer efficiency, corrosion resistant performance is stronger. Super long water tray design, after a punching stretch forming around without welds not rot, stainless steel and the surface through the imitation enamel antirust processing in two forms, for the user to choose from, is equipped with drainage slope, never slack. Low height is 225 mm only horizontal dark installed fan coil units, to reduce installation space, wide use.
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