Fan coil thermostat will have certain of development in the future challenges

by:Edison      2020-08-27

fan coil hvac thermostat in the future growth will have certainly aggressive

all fan coil thermostat is fundamentally a self-reliance, the closed loop temperature control system important temperature sensor, the on-off control device, temperature setting structure, manual three-speed switch and hot and cold switching equipment. Its control principle is controlled according to the temperature sensor measured at room temperature and set point of comparative efficacy outbreak of on-off control standard lights, control cycle of hot and cold water pipe valve (electric water Two-way valve or the 3-way valve (pos. No. ) The switch to cut off and close the disc tube of water cycle way, adjust the supply air temperature ( Cooling) The indoor temperature control to a swinging range above or below the set value.

the first generation of fan coil hvac thermostat is important electrical products. The second generation of fan coil hvac thermostat for electronic products, choose thermistor or thermal resistance temperature sensor, the temperature of the some products set the wind speed switch course war end keys and LCD screen man-machine interface, automatic hot and cold switching over, operation extended end two position adjusting circuit and switch circuit. Manufacturers at home and abroad in the study after opening the third generation of intelligent temperature control device, using old manipulation of the mold and the end of the numerical control chip intelligent control. Now need to factory production out of the intelligent temperature control device, which has been used in practical engineering.

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