Fan coil thermostat will have certain of development in the future challenges

by:Edison      2020-09-25

automatic control equipment co. , LTD. Is located in known as the nine days qu, the reputation of the Beijing and tianjin portal in shandong province, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. Usually fan coil hvac thermostat is basically an independent temperature closed loop control system, mainly composed of temperature sensor, on-off control device, temperature setting organization, manual of three-speed switch and hot and cold switching equipment. Its control principle is the manipulation of the temperature sensor based on measured at room temperature and the set value of the match results attack on-off control signals, control of hot and cold water circulation line electric water valve ( Two-way valve or the 3-way valve (pos. No. ) Switch, which USES block and open the tube water circulation, regulate the supply air temperature ( Cooling) The indoor temperature control within the scale of value a shake up and down. The first generation of fan coil hvac thermostat mainly electrical products. The second generation of fan coil hvac thermostat for electronic products, choose thermistor or thermal resistance temperature sensor, some product temperature setting and wind speed switch through the contact and the human-computer interaction interface LCD screen, the hot and cold switching active end, completion of operation to expand circuit and switch circuit on-off control. Current production manufacturers at home and abroad is research development of the third generation of intelligent temperature control device, using the new control model and the numerical control chip intelligent control end. There are already produced from domestic manufacturer of intelligent temperature control device, which has been used in engineering practice. The automatic control equipment co. , LTD will continue to implement famous brand strategy, adhere to scientific development, make enterprise management platform, cooperation with friends both at home and abroad wholeheartedly, create a better future.

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