Fan coil thermostat within centrifugal fan fault symptoms

by:Edison      2020-09-22

fan coil thermostat is based on: by the rotating motor to drive the impeller and blade forcing the gas in the impeller rotation, the gas power, allow it to increase energy, gas under the action of centrifugal force, the impeller thrown around, through the vortex type casing can be converted to pressure, the speed when the gas discharge within the impeller, the pressure inside the impeller is lower than the pressure inside the duct, new gas under the action of pressure difference, suction impeller, the gas is continuous from the pump discharge

it may be a decrease in the ability of the following reasons:

1: local short-circuit speed motor faults such as motor stator winding down.

2: the impeller may have dirt pay increase load affect its speed.

3: impeller imbalance ( At the same time there will be abnormal vibrations)

4: whether there is barrier into the wind inlets, material such as air inlet valve down or into the wind filter dirty jams, etc.

fan coil hvac thermostat must have air flow and water temperature, water changes, refrigerating capacity changes over the water, according to the part of the fan coil product performance statistics, when the water temperature is 7 ℃, water is reduced to 80%, the refrigerating capacity for about 92% of the original, that when water supply change's influence on the refrigerating capacity is relatively slow.

fan coil thermostat must supply and return water temperature difference, water temperature, refrigerating capacity with less, according to statistics, the water temperature rise 1 ℃, refrigerating capacity reduced 10%, the higher the water temperature, the larger the damping, dehumidifying capacity decline. A certain water supply conditions, fan coil air volume change, refrigerating capacity and air enthalpy difference along with the change, generally is the capacity to reduce, increase enthalpy difference, fan power unit refrigerating capacity. Fan coil inlet and outlet temperature increases, the water cut, the heat transfer coefficient with the decrease of heat exchange coil. In addition, the heat transfer temperature difference has also changed, thus, the refrigerating capacity of the fan coil thermostat decrease with for the increase of the return water temperature difference, according to statistics when water supply is temperature 7 ℃, supply and return water temperature from 5 ℃ to 7 ℃, the refrigerating capacity can reduce about 17%. Thermal environment conditions refers to the physical parameters of the combination of thermal comfort of human body what had happened. These physical parameters mainly include air dry bulb temperature, air relative humidity, air flow velocity and mean radiant temperature, the body's metabolism and six items such as clothes. Among them, the temperature of the air, and the evaluation of the flow velocity is fan coil provided comfortable thermal environment conditions of the important parameters.

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