Fan coil three-speed switch - Fan coil leaking when the solution

by:Edison      2020-09-04

- fan coil three-speed switch Fan coil of leaking solutions

fan coil in the process of use is there will be a leaking situation, about the situation, we should be how to solve? Small make up today is to introduce the solution when the fan coil is leaking.

A fan coil units, at the entrance of water supply should be installed filters. When flush the refrigerant water system of main, sewage not through a coil. Coil over the highest should set exhaust, low should set drainage device.

B fan coil units of condensed water discharge pipe must have a certain slope, should ensure the drip tray is not water.

C fan-coil unit device can see construction standards of the state planning atlas 01 k403 fan coil unit.

guest room fan coil units often leaking defects, such as was not damaged, pipe, valve parts is usually caused by the condensed water.

fan coil condensate blockage phenomenon is often, this is mainly water room fan coil exist, coupled with a comfortable temperature, easy to algae growth, reproduction produces colloidal slippery is extremely thick residual mass, the condensed water pipe plug. Foreign water is always in the guest room fan coil plate placed alga drugs, to reduce the harm.

this water leaking in fan coil set, main insulation, enhance thermal insulation, can wipe out; As in the water dish, condensed water pipe is not unobstructed, is caused by the condensation water overflow, dredge condensate pipe, usually prepare a 4 - 5 meters long plastic tube, a condensed water discharge pipe, head into a pick up in the bathroom faucet ( Can make a small joint, rely on threaded screw) on the faucet , the use of the water pressure, the pipeline dredge, or use the carbon dioxide gas purging.

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