Fan coil three-speed switch function and characteristics

by:Edison      2020-08-20
Fan coil three-speed switch

Hal. Series T6861 large screen LCD hvac thermostat

110220 vac control/four control fan coil control


is used to ( Three speed) Fan and fan coil valve control applications, including: two control and four controls used by single hot/cold hot

the switch manually ventilation function

automatic/manual three-speed fan control water valve control

you can choose the fan speed control for automatic speed control or manual wind speed

provide ventilation mode, according to the manual wind speed running


ultra modern design, suitable for office, hotel, household

paragraphs horizontal and vertical two kinds of style, can be used for different occasions

ultra-thin design, can be directly installed on 86 boxes of

blue/green backlight with blue/green color, fashion and elegant

two pipe/four application, large screen easily, and the icon is displayed in English

and convenient installation and debugging

time switch machine function

option to show the environment temperature ( Factory Settings) Or set temperature

according to the healthy choice fan speed automatically or manually run

may meet external temperature sensor

by pressing the rehabilitation or dry contact ( Card) Into energy saving mode

timing cycle ( OPHD function

temperature display value can be adjusted properly

temperature unit shows degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit C

users to set off electricity can keep for a long time

after downtime can choose low temperature protection mode

by installing set can be mirror ( Unlock) Part or all according to national health

temperature set point range can be qualified, more energy saving effect


valve control

the thermostat through built-in temperature sensor or external temperature sensors for temperature, through the control valve switch signal output instruction to

the room temperature at a set value.

temperature display

display the temperature hvac thermostat can be set according to the requirements for the built-in sensors or external sensors to room temperature, or

display the room temperature set point. This can be done in the installation Settings.

time cycle

in order to obtain more accurate temperature control room, through the timing cycle ( CPBD function can make the thermostat at room temperature is close to a

value ( Temperature difference in half the bandwidth) When several times per hour frequency start valve.

the CFH's default value is heating mode 4 times per hour, the refrigeration mode 3 times per hour. CPH value can be set during the installation in

line changes.

an external temperature sensor

in addition to the temperature of the thermostat built-in sensors, can also according to an external temperature sensor TC20K) For temperature control.

keyboard lock

in the installation Settings, can be set for keyboard lock. There are four mechanisms: is not enabled keyboard lock ( The default) ,

type key lock, patterns, and wind speed key lock, all key lock

energy saving mode

by passive dry contact ( For example, the hotel room card) Or directly to manipulate (the keys Continuous press mode key 3

seconds) Into energy saving mode. If the system into energy saving mode, the screen will appear. Can choose dry when installation Settings

contact is normally open or normally closed.

if it is through the dry contact into energy saving mode, so all keys will be locked, but key combination to enter setup mode is

effective. If is through the button into energy saving mode, then any buttons will knot east energy saving mode.

if in a heating state energy saving mode, the set value will automatically be converted to energy saving mode of heat setting temperature, usually of 10 ℃

21 ℃. The default value is 18 ℃, can to set parameters in the installation Settings, setting step for the Q. 5C。 Energy saving mode if

in the refrigeration condition, the set value will be automatically converted into energy saving mode of refrigeration set temperature, usually in the form of 22 ℃

32 c, the default value is 26 ℃, can undertake parameter setting in the setup, setting step for the a5 ℃

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