Fan coil three-speed switch knob type connection

by:Edison      2020-08-26

fan coil three-speed switch wiring satisfied answer

you didn't clear the 2 control or 4 control panel is used for

if remember correctly

should there were eight joint from left to right, the layout of the 1234 5678

1 is wire

3 is the electromagnetic valve

4 ( Four control panel which is to control another solenoid valve)

wind speed is 678 third

every line is to switch on the output of a wind speed wire

on the control panel to zero generally need not, directly in the fan coil units above the zero line and head out

of course, there are at the zero line for convenient in maintenance, test voltage on the control panel.

this is roughly!

fan coil three-speed switch knob type wiring

four wires,

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