Fan coil three-speed switch speed switch water air conditioning temperature control panel

by:Edison      2020-08-23

since the beginning of this year, southern China suffered continuous heavy rains hit several provinces, the strength of strong, broad scope, high water level, on the provinces of disasters are rare in the history. Central air conditioning LCD thermostat, three-speed switch panel countries invest a lot of manpower, organization fighting and emergency operations, and save people's personal and property safety, deducing the touching story of epic. Automatic control equipment co. , LTD. Shandong concerned, central air conditioning LCD thermostat, three-speed switch panel under the advocacy of the general manager Mr 陈林燚, electronic shandong headquarters, longyan factory and office in any locality activities carried out to the disaster area to send warmth. All staff actively donated money, the company and from daily activity funds set aside 80000 yuan, the accumulative has reached more than 100000 yuan. Central air conditioning LCD thermostat, three-speed switch panel these donations will be specialized personnel appointed by electronic procurement in the disaster areas the people's lack of a variety of materials, and sent to the disaster area, for the people in the disaster area reconstruction render contribution. Automatic control equipment co. , LTD. Since into industrial automation and building science and technology, in the air conditioning, central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat, three-speed switch panel heating automatic control products, cold and heat metering products, hydraulic balance on products and building auto-control products has achieved good results. Electronic repay society in a variety of ways for many times, over the years on the poor, disaster relief and other social philanthropy has invested nearly ten thousand yuan. Electronic deep Ming 'drips of tu, when yongquan' philosophy of life, the people and the society is the enterprise of food and clothing parents, electronic put social benefit as the front page all the time, people first. Central air conditioning LCD thermostat, three-speed switch panel this activity has been widely welcome and support of the staff, electronics will continue to carry forward one party hard eight party support of the Chinese traditional virtue, make contributions to the harmonious development of the whole society.

fashion appearance, large screen LCD fan coil thermostat

using high-performance single chip microcomputer, strong anti-interference

relay output, safe and reliable

light touch buttons, comfortable

humanized design, easy operation

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