Fan coil three-speed switch temperature control panel temperature control switch the central air conditioning speed switch a two-year warranty

by:Edison      2020-08-20

。 Three-speed switch and thermostat number of connection mode according to specific products, not blindly copy construction of atlas. When such as belt heat feeling, need access to the N line; And which has the function of card digital three-speed switch and thermostat, its connection with more than 10. For four control systems, three-speed switch and thermostat to control hot and cold two fan coil motor valve. 2. Fan coil motor valve follower do way has two kinds: spring return type and electric type operations. The former only pick up three lines: line, N line, PE line, the open state of electricity, power is shut down, In the case of two-way valve) 。 The latter four lines: on line and off line, N line ( Or public line) , PE line, only when change valve switch position need electricity. From the operating life of energy efficiency and consider, electric and reversing type electric valve is more superior. Such as the use of electric control valve, the need to access the power cord, Usually a 24 v) , the line of control ( 0 - 10 v) ; There is 4 - use products 20 ma current signal control three-speed switch and thermostat itself is generally 2 - contact output capacity 5 a, can control multiple fan coil motor valve, but unfavorable to control many sets of fan coil motor. A three-speed switch and thermostat control many sets of fan coil units at the same time, the equivalent of more than one motor stator winding parallel, because each three tap on the fan coil motor has three speed control line at the same time, when the motor stator winding impedance difference is bigger, the current in each motor along three speed control line between forming shunt or circulation, the result is a power of a larger motor stator speed switch and thermostat itself contact output capacity

central air conditioner thermostat central air-conditioning hvac thermostat product features: has novel appearance, large screen LCD has central air conditioning use high reliability MCU LCD thermostat, strong anti-interference to cardiac standard 86 box installed, thickness of 13 mm has central air conditioning LCD thermostat controlled by relay as an output device that has the power USES the transformer step-down, safe and reliable high reliability, high applicability

central air conditioner thermostat main functions: on/off control central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat temperature calibration function indoor temperature setting cold/hot conversion control indoor temperature measurement and display the temperature protection function three-speed manual or automatic conversion wind machine remote control functions ( Optional)

according to the statistics, central air-conditioning thermostat is fresh air system penetration rate in the European and American countries have up to 96. The popularity rate of 56%, and at present in China is less than 2%. Central air conditioner thermostat why Europe and the United States home fresh air system penetration rate is so high? Because in Europe and the United States attaches great importance to the economic development at the same time, also not ignore the importance of the air on human health. Smart fresh air system, central air-conditioning thermostat DE Nike by continual replacement, has always been to meet air filter, so as to improve the cleanliness of the air. Many indoor air pollutants are irritating gases, such as carbon dioxide *, such as formaldehyde, throat and skin, cause tears, coughing, sneezing and other symptoms. More seriously, live in air pollution for a long time, still can cause respiratory function decline, respiratory symptoms worse, some still can lead to chronic bronchitis, central air-conditioning thermostat bronchial asthma, such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma prevalence will also increase. Some common viruses, bacteria caused by diseases such as influenza, respiratory infectious diseases such as measles, tuberculosis, also can use in indoor air. Central air conditioner thermostat

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