Fan coil units installed eight technical requirements, don't regret it

by:Edison      2020-09-04
Fan coil is the most important equipment at the end of the central air system, also is the central air conditioning important indoor equipment, fan coil installation quality directly affects the comfort of central air conditioning and beautiful sex, to better and better to make sure these two points, so for fan coil installation is also have certain technical requirements. Fan coil units installed eight technical requirements, don't see don't regret 1, fan coil units prior to installation, must to three speed regulating function of unit, hydraulic and so on carries on the corresponding detection, and to see the internal structure of unit shape, to ensure the integrity and reliability 2, fan coil units, the water pressure test, water pressure must be working pressure is 1. 5 times, observe can be 3, fan coil units installed pipeline without leakage, especially when horizontal dark outfit fan coil hoisting, note that don't will hand in in the volute, ensure the accuracy of unit lifting position at the same time, it is important to ensure stability of fan coil hoisting, in order to facilitate the discharge of condensed water, fan coil units can do best when installation 0. 003 grade, don't get the attention to the direction of the slope, in order to ensure its hoisting soundness is suggested to use double nuts fixed coil and derrick junction 4, horizontal dark outfit fan coil when installation, pay attention to a certain amount of maintenance space in the side, fan coil units and 5 pipe joint note 6, coil and hose connection for operation on the return water pipe connection to use the professional tools, at the same time better observe the condensed water, condensate pipes it is recommended to use transparent plastic hose, the length is 200 mm on May 7, central air-conditioning fan coil system used for backwater valve, filter will choose nearby installed fan coil units, and all you want to install in the upper part of the condensate plate 8, most important, fan coil units connected to the pipe before, must wash pipe, to ensure that no impurities fan coil installation eight technical requirements, this also is the most basic requirement, if not strictly enforce the eight requirements, one fan coil will not noise, vibration, congestion in operation process, such as refrigeration and bad failure.
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