Fan coil units with stability for a long time

by:Edison      2020-09-04
Fan coil units long-term stability with < P> < / P> < P> fan coil units are widely used in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings, and use in the field of air conditioners at home and abroad, the product series of advanced design, superior performance. Made remarkable achievement.

fan coil units of high performance, high efficiency, puts forward adopting high quality copper tube wear flanging pitting mechanical expanding aluminum fin, fin surface water treatment, low wind resistance, high efficiency of fan coil unit structure, strong and durable shell moulding, delicate appearance, high strength.

fan-coil unit equipment classification, the model is based on export static pressure can be divided into low static pressure and high static pressure units; According to the structure is divided into horizontal dark outfit WA, horizontal with the WM, vertical with the LM, vertical dark LA, cassette installed with the KM, pillar type LZ, wall-mounted BG. Motor has calorific power protection function, adopt NSK bearings imported from Japan, without filling lubricating oil; Three fan speed control can be set according to customer requirements, operational safety, energy saving. Adjustment easy, maintenance convenient and humanized design of unit, and users can easily for maintenance, maintenance, cleaning filter may at any time units. Advanced technology, low noise fan impeller as a whole, without welding points, wheel box ring close combination never deformation, and reduces the noise of the unit, and can ensure the long-term stable operation.

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