Floor heating thermostat contact cut into electricity

by:Edison      2020-09-23

floor heating thermostat test indoor high sustained by high temperature and arrangements temperature, control the exhaust smoke fan and fan coil motor water valve, to achieve the target of modulation indoor temperature is high, the comfort and energy saving. Suitable for use in two pipe/four steward, secondary/third line electric valve, three-speed fan coil of manipulation. Have a road on RS485 network interface ( FC270C have only) To access to the building automation system operation. Widely used in high-grade offices, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, housing, etc.

electric water heater floor heating hvac thermostat made deep contact with copper pieces of metal and copper given particularly sensitive to heat from the cold so during high temperature have standardized values, rules of the copper sheet metal is zigzag, for now it is closed to cut off the contact. Water when the water is heating to the standardization of high temperature heat conduction to the copper plate above the floor heating thermostat with heated straight will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. In the period of high temperature lowered copper and return to original state to make contact cut into electricity heating state. 。

floor heating thermostat, it is also a with a coat to take new floor heating thermostat has a bimetallic strip. First purpose is for each electric heating floor heating thermostat for sieving hot spells, ordinary and thermal fuse in use. Floor heating thermostat used to grade a maintenance, reduced thermal fuse in floor heating thermostat when used for secondary maintenance, both effective new, try to avoid damage electric parts and thus contribute to the flood of traffic accidents.

will take the lead in the power cord, the sensing line and line of the exhaust fan is connected with floor heating thermostat, electric inspection: if the three-phase temperature appeared high overall balance, trouble-free alarm a overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator, with the hand to press a panel or active button manually, if the exhaust fan indicator, exhaust fan at the moment fluctuations should be manually or active buttons to push, exhaust fan indicator, exhaust fan should stop motion at the moment, look at the overall floor heating hvac thermostat unusual operation.

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