Floor heating thermostat cut into electricity heating condition

by:Edison      2020-09-24

floor heating hvac thermostat observed by continuously, indoor temperature and set temperature difference control of fan coil fan and electric water valve, a modulation, comfortable indoor temperature difference of save energy use. Suitable for two pipe/lines to the jurisdiction of the four, two/three pulse valve, three-speed fan coil manipulation. With RS485 interface (online road FC270C have only) To access the building automation system. Popularity as first-class shopping malls, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, housing, etc.

floor heating thermostat electric water heater with copper pieces of metal to create contact area, from copper to heat shrink a little sensitive so at an hour when the setting of the temperature difference is there a conflict, the copper sheet metal is coiled appearance, this time it is closed to cut off the contact. Water when the water is heated to set temperature difference of heat conduction to floor heating thermostat copper in the copper from the heated above straight will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. At an hour when temperature degradation copper recovered to the original state make contact again cut into electricity heating condition. 。

floor heating thermostat, it is also a kind of belt scale the existence of new floor heating thermostat packaging of bimetallic strip. First purpose is for each floor heating thermostat electric packaging last too hot hot spells, basic and application of thermal fuse communicate. Floor heating hvac thermostat for master maintenance, reduced thermal fuse in floor heating thermostat when used for secondary maintenance, powerful development together, each other can avoid damage of electric parts and thus lead to a fire accident.

floor heating thermostat will first with the power cord, sensing line and fan, floor heating hvac thermostat coupled electric survey: if the three-phase uniform temperature showed overall, trouble-free alarm with overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator respite, using manual or active hand touched panel button, indicator, if the fan fan should be at the moment fluctuation affects manual or active button again, the fan indicator respite, fan should stop working at the moment, but overall the difference between floor heating thermostat to work normally.

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