Floor heating thermostat fire fan should be interrupted operation

by:Edison      2020-09-24

floor heating thermostat security indoor temperature and set temperature, control of fan coil fan and electric fire water valve, to improve indoor air temperature, ease the ideal of saving energy. To adapt to the two pipe lines to/four control and two/three pulse valve, three-speed fan coil of restraint. RS485 interface (online can have a road FC270C can have only) To access the building automation system. Widely used in high-grade offices, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, residence, etc.

electric water heater thermostat contact with copper pieces of metal to create depth of floor heating, from copper to heat the cold compared with sensitive so at an hour when the temperature did not complete the required value, the copper sheet metal is bend rules, this time it is closed on contact. Water when the water is heated to required temperature of the heat conduction to the copper copper from above in the floor heating thermostat heated straight will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. At an hour when the temperature drop of copper and restore to its original state to contact on into electricity heating state. 。

floor heating thermostat, it is a kind of take the jacket has a bimetallic strip new floor heating thermostat. Floor heating thermostat primary purpose is for the critical heat electric heating shows that implementation of overheating, and thermal fuse communicate using commonly. Floor heating hvac thermostat as master maintenance, thermal fuse in floor heating thermostat failure as a secondary repair, both efficient joint, can avoid damage caused by electric heating component and so on fire.

first of all, the power cord to the sensing line and fire fan line connected with floor heating hvac thermostat, electric inspection: if the three-phase is embodied in general average, trouble-free alarm with overtemperature alarm lamp and tripping, indicator light cease using manual or active hand touched panel button, indicator, if the fire fan the fire fan should be started again by manual or active button, fan indicator cease fire, the fire fan should interrupt operation, can be generally differentiate floor heating thermostat routine operation.

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