Floor heating thermostat how to use to avoid the problem?

by:Edison      2020-09-22

after the installation of floor heating, you must learn to manipulate and apply it, according to the following process application of floor heating hvac thermostat. First, according to the temperature control switch in the middle of the power master switch, temperature display information to the left of the temperature controller, indoor temperature set temperature, right selection buttons to set the temperature in 2 - 3 degrees or so. Then press mode key to select manual type mode, when the temperature display information on both sides of the same, can adjust the temperature control meter 2 - 3 degrees, until the room temperature to consider ( Generally set at 18 20 degrees) 。 Floor heating thermostat looks like switch socket and the other for housing decoration machinery and equipment. Applications, according to show that the actual operation is much more safety.

master floor heating hvac thermostat some common problems and to help customers clearly grasp the heating of the working attitude. There is no doubt that the ground heating is one of the decoration take cover engineering, heat pipes installed in underground. Design scheme and applied to system of floor heating temperature control instrument for double WenShuang switch. Set aside in the temperature control instrument room temperature sensors on the behavior main body, also promoted a pavement temperature sensors to control and maintain the surface temperature. The temperature is set in production and manufacturing, mostly 45 Celsius.

if you have been in the heat transfer performance of the pavement good floor tile, you most not changing them. Little imagine, if the poor application of heat transfer of woodiness floor ( General is aggrandizement wood floor or solid mu fu joins a floor board) , the road of the following processing factory set temperature is higher than 45 degrees, the thermostat control panel heating characteristics of flashing, the surface temperature maintenance to open, the system software termination work, room set temperature is not higher, the energy consumption will also improve. Then, from the thermostat control panel type in advanced engineering mode setting. Practice the following:

on the other hand, turn off the temperature adjustment power master switch, turn off the temperature controller, hold down the right watch other programming and way keys for 5 seconds, into the senior three options set way, hold down the m key after conversion into the way to the item 5, hold the key to protect temperature from original factory of 45 degrees to 60 degrees can be adjustment.

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