Fresh reveals ark thermostat control method

by:Edison      2020-08-23

fresh reveals ark hvac thermostat control method

some of the food in the supermarket can use fresh reveals ark to preservation processing, then reveals ark thermostat will have a great effect, below we will introduce about preservation reveal ark thermostat control way, and see it together.

fresh reveals ark thermostat control method

1, 0 to 4 gear on the thermostat, or 0 to 7 gear, which is 0 file downtime, 5 to 7 is strong ZhiLengDang, preservation reveal ark on the gear compressor will present a state of non-stop.

2, the greater the number of thermostat, in fresh reveals ark also the lower the temperature of the inside, in the spring and autumn season, we adjust the thermostat is usually the temperature modulation band 3.

3, in the summer for the thermostat control, demand will thermostat control to 2 to 4. Summer moviegoing number recuperate in the preservation reveal ark non-stop, fresh reveals ark inside temperature difference is big, more heat will be through the chest wall to the interior of the preservation display cabinets. In order to better ensure preservation display cabinets, demand will keep fresh reveals ark of thermostat adjustment of smaller, insist on keeping fresh reveals ark compressor has a certain proportion of open stop.

4, adjust the preservation reveal ark thermostat in the winter, when demand will thermostat set big larger bearing, low temperature around the preservation display cabinets, fresh reveals ark of compressor outage time is relatively long, but fresh display cabinet freezer temperature can not meet the requirements of the load, so will be able to select fresh reveal ark in the winter.

5, fresh reveals ark when the environment temperature is lower than 16 degrees Celsius, need to open the preservation reveal ark switch electric compensation, it can ensure the freezer temperature load, also can prevent low temperature to the thermostat failure.

when the actual temperature preservation reveal ark inside hotter than demand, needs to adjust the thermostat clockwise, makes the internal temperature drop, when the temperature of the internal temperature is lower than the demand, it needs to adjust counterclockwise internal temperature preservation display cabinets. Different display ark of preservation of its thermostat will also be different.

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