From the comfort and energy saving, you need a thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-22
With the improvement of living standards, people all kinds of electrical appliances for the home use requirement also more and more high, the use of cb is becoming more and more popular. So we will pay more attention to wall hanging furnace combustion efficiency and energy saving effect. Cb and the thermostat is hanging furnace temperature control equipment, like air conditioning wind speed regulating control switch. Great Wall hanging furnace temperature controller can make your life more convenient and comfortable. Believe that a lot of friends not really familiar with hanging furnace temperature controller, such as: what are the typical features of the thermostat, the classification of wall hanging furnace installation position of the thermostat, thermostat, etc. Three characteristics of wall-mounted boiler thermostat ( 1) Energy conservation and environmental protection: the accurate temperature control, plus a set period of time at room temperature, automatic control run cainuanlu, day and night without burning gas heating, good save gas. ( 2) Convenient and comfortable: a day early to middle level each session room temperature automatic adjustment, from manual operation, in the morning, and after I come home from work waiting for room heating and freezing embarrassed; And only need little gas can realize antifreeze protection. The thermostat should be specific installed in what position? should be installed in the indoor air circulation flow and suitable for operation on the wall of high distance is apart from the ground 1. It is advisable to 5 m. But the wall don't choose the direction of the corridor wall, because the direction of the corridor wall is lower than indoor wall temperature. Do not install in a door or window, in order to avoid the wind blows directly to the hvac thermostat, interfere with the normal work of the cb. Also do not install in a heat such as radiators, beside the fireplace, TV and other equipment. Similarly, also can't installed in direct sunlight to the location. To the front of the thermostat (s) should be paid attention to not allow any objects, such as furniture, curtains, etc. The choice of product categories thermostat is divided in two types: the wired and wireless. Cable need to wiring in advance, if there is no wiring, need to walk the line, but the owner think affect beautiful, may be installed in a place near the wall hanging furnace, given the position of wall-mounted boiler installation environment is more complex, also affect the temperature control of the actual effect; No lines, regardless of their position, basically in the sitting room or bedroom, than cable in gas. Cb in the above operation, the hvac thermostat is some APP, that is to say, you can use a mobile phone to remote control wall hanging furnace temperature controller, it is very convenient, but this kind of wall hanging furnace hvac thermostat often need the support of WiFi network.
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