Gree central air conditioning water system is the thermostat fan coil four control room thermostat, three-speed switch panel

by:Edison      2020-08-24

some friends are confused about the central air conditioner thermostat, three-speed switch why many friends want to change the thermostat? According to the principle of what is it? Today we'll give you to reveal the meaning of switch!

central air conditioner hvac thermostat, three-speed switch after changing the thermostat principle:

central air conditioner thermostat vapor pressure type bellows action in the spring, spring tension is controlled by a knob on the panel, the capillary on the air conditioner indoor air suction FengKouChu, react to the indoor cycling return air temperature. When the room temperature rising to the setting temperature, thermal dose of gas expansion of capillary and bellows, bellows elongation and overcome the spring tension connected the switch contact, the compressor operation, refrigeration system, until the room temperature and fell to the set temperature, the heat pack gas contraction, corrugated pipe shrinkage action with spring and puts switch off position, make the compressor motor circuit is cut off. This action repeatedly, so as to achieve the goal of control room temperature.

central air conditioner thermostat data acquisition is the key!

central air conditioner hvac thermostat switch speed of collecting data. Temperature control switch data gathering speed is higher than the ordinary digital display table, of course, the user without demanding in accuracy and is generally difficult to detect, their error is also is not very big difference.

on the causes of the practice of central air conditioner hvac thermostat switch, a lot of outside temperature sensor has a stainless steel tube, because the sensor is closed, such as stainless steel tube heat conduction to the temperature of the inside space, conduction to the temperature of the temperature sensor to collect, after a series of steps lead to the conduction velocity is slow. Temperature sensor, of course, also have certain response time.

the response time of the central air conditioner thermostat sensor according to reach the temperature of the object to be tested by 63% ( The instantaneous step change) The time required to determine.

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