Hanging furnace temperature controller using erroneous zone have?

by:Edison      2020-08-24
1, wall hanging furnace with energy saving is not installed that is not in cb when users in the use of the thermostat is usually out-of-the-box: that is in need of heating of the heat transferred to the heating mode, when you go to work on the wall hanging furnace transferred to summer mode, think it will be save electricity, Province gas) Instead, but this is not energy-saving will be more energy. 2, the faster the set temperature, the higher the temperature is not necessarily in cb some users feel the room temperature is low, want to turn the temperature to the rapid increase in the highest, this approach is also wrong. Often meet users complained that I indoor temperature setting the 35 degrees, but after a few hours only 17 degrees, first of all, floor heating in the winter is short of 35 degrees, second, when you set 20 degrees to 35 degrees and you set the speed of temperature rise is the same, and hanging furnace types and room temperature heat preservation, etc. 3, different temperature control have different effect when many users set the thermostat temperature, according to the required temperature to set, but after the temperature setting is good but not set heating effect. One is the use of the thermostat or is set wrong, because there are multiple types of temperature control, temperature, ground temperature, double temperature, dual temperature also have a plenty of can choose different mode. Sometimes the floor heating of the ground temperature is set too low, geothermal soon to arrive, but had not reached the set temperature, at room temperature so someone will say warm not hot. Others think set the temperature of the same single feeling is different, every room, this has something to do with the room thermostat location, if the hvac thermostat is placed on the door, window, exterior wall heat dissipation is bigger, while the temperature of the temperature control display is not high, but the indoor temperature is very warm, according to their own needs to set temperature are the best.
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