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by:Edison      2020-09-05
A, the leakage emergency handling thermostatic valve factory is introduced when leakage occurs when the heating system, to reduce your loss as far as possible, the first thing to can promptly placed at the bottom of the leaking water vessels, if the water splash around, can use towel to wrap leaks, led to the water containers. Individual control of users to timely close indoor plumbing two valves, at the entrance of the old system has the control valve to close quickly radiator valve control. When no control valve for radiator, if special emergency control are not available, but with the help of others to close quickly building total valve, and timely call outside network maintenance personnel of the service, by the staff guidelines for the damage to the system for further processing. Why the temperature of the independent heating user than others? Independent heating users due to adjacent with no heating, to the users around the indoor quantity of heat transfer, heat dissipation is bigger than normal, while heating system supply you tend to be more heat than normal, but also easily lead to your household indoor temperature higher than whole buildings heating users. Three, the heat is very hot, why temperature is not good at home?

radiator is very hot, this suggests that the heating system is normal, most of the reason because of building thermal insulation effect is not good at this time, the structure of the heat, the temperature on not to come. There are many factors affecting the heating effects, mainly small or radiator radiator is decorative package affects radiator cooling; Live in the building of two mountains, at the top or the bottom; The whole building homes, less resident points are scattered, etc.

4, why should start heating user active to vent? Gases in heating pipe network easy to plug in the top of the heater, high bottom, sides, and pipe, the heating loop impeded, causes the radiator is not hot or heating, purge valve general press at the top of the radiator and the roof, exhaust operation is easy. So before and after heating user to gas collecting pipe the discharge line in time, lest affect your heating effect. Five, why can't we put off the circulating water in the heat? Loop water in the heating pipe is made of corrosion of demineralized water, heating system need enough to guarantee the normal operation of circulating water, put the circulating water easily leads to the formation of a system of water or gas plug, thus affect the heating system operation and the effect of heating. Such as a large number of water loss will decrease the temperature of water supply, heating quality. Circulating water with chemicals, if you use this kind of demineralized water shower or wash clothes, will damage the body. Therefore heating management regulations prohibit install water drain valve in the heating system, is forbidden to emissions to steal demineralized water system, in violation of regulations will be punished. Six, why low when radiator temperature high? Heating is to compensate for the purpose of the structure of the heat, in order to maintain relatively stable at room temperature. Environmental factors such as heat dissipating capacity of the building size and the outdoor temperature has a great relationship. Outdoor temperature is lower, the greater the heat dissipating capacity of the building. In order to maintain relatively stable at room temperature, the heating system must supply suitable heat. Outdoor temperature is lower, the more heat supply. Our heating system is now automatically adjust the water temperature according to the weather situation. The weather is cold, the higher the water temperature, the greater the circulating water flow. The warmer the weather, the water temperature is lower, the smaller the circulating water flow. When the surface temperature of the radiator is high low, relates to the weather, if the corresponding up to normal. Confirmation of the heating effect is mainly reflected in the indoor temperature, rather than the temperature of the radiator. Seven, why can't in the heating period heating period of time? Now many users to realize individual control, put forward a period of time during the heating period heating problem. First of all, our country executes heating price is approved in accordance with a heating season, not duty to time heating requirements; Secondly, the heat consumption during each operation period of heating period is different, according to the heating days to evenly spread is not reasonable. As long as the individual control, on the basis of household metering and corresponding price mechanism, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of heating period of time. Eight series, why users pay the heating fee for the unit to floor? In series with the heating, it is the whole building is a circulatory system to carry on the design, installation, not a single family to stop heating, although not in the house to live, but computer provides the service, you still enjoy the heating, so should pay heating fee. If you don't pay, it is bound to cause heating into and cost on the rise, affect the other for the legitimate rights and interests of heat users. It is recommended that you implement the ledger system transformation to solve the problem, this is a development trend. Nine, why use unified locking valve? ( 1) In order to facilitate users according to their own living conditions the choice of heating and heating. ( 2) Easy for hot single unified management, timely and convenient to provide the service for you. File regulation, according to the property definition, locking valve belongs to the user, within the scope of property rights should be the user take money to change installation, but must have the unified management of heating unit. Ten, how to deal with household heating front heat, low temperature phenomenon of the back-end? In cent door control system, we usually adopt level series installation, circulating hot water from the first group of flow to the final group, the back of the warm air used to spread out in front of the hot water, the temperature must be lower. If we do not try to adjust, tend to produce the phenomenon before hot after cold. So in heating system is installed, to install the valve in each group of radiator, amount of adjustment into the water and return water flow ( Is in front of the radiator valves open dot) Before and after adjusted, repeated a few times, make basic balance, the temperature of the radiator can achieve the ideal effect.
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