Hot and cold water regulator is what? Hot and cold water valve core replacement method!

by:Edison      2020-09-07
A, what is hot and cold water regulator is the mix water valve, actually for this product, its use in sanitary ware market is very wide, then what is it? Seen from the mix water valve structure, mix water valve is a valve, the mixing of hot and cold water. Valve itself can't be mixed actually, just pick up the cold and hot water pipe, have played an important role in mixing. And there are two main types of this product classification, one kind is manual mechanical, one kind is self-reliance type hvac thermostat, which the former is currently the most widely used type. 2, hot and cold water valve core replacement method 1, the preparation of the instruments valve core is out of order, we have to buy a model to replace. In general, buy what brand of hot and cold water regulating valve valve core to this brand shop, basic can buy. Choose good after the valve core to a word or cross screwdriver, or inner hexagon spanner, this will choose according to oneself the home of hot and cold water regulator screw. Then in preparation for a pair of needle nose pliers, there is a knife. 2, hot and cold water down the button before the replacement of valve core, to find the faucet water switch, then turn off, so as not to change the water spray. Then find cold so the button or the plastic cap of water, with a small knife to gently pry it down, so you can see the inside of the screw. Open the hot and cold water after the button and see what's the shape of the screw, is a word or a cross, or hexagonal screw, and then decide which one to use a screwdriver, or Allen wrench. The hole to unload the screw with a screwdriver, then can put the faucet handle down. 3, after the discharge valve core pull down the handle to see the inside of the valve core, some of the valve core and the shell cover layer is fixed outside, put the lid down. Then you will see a fixed valve core card, card on a general has four claws, with a long nose pliers on both sides of the two claws sticking, then clockwise rotation is able to remove the card.
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