Hot new central air conditioner thermostat temperature control switch is a key of intelligent temperature control screen is a two-year warranty

by:Edison      2020-08-31

these substances may irritate eyes, nose, central air-conditioning thermostat central air-conditioning thermostat product features: has novel appearance, large screen LCD has central air conditioning use high reliability MCU LCD thermostat, strong anti-interference to cardiac standard 86 box installed, thickness of 13 mm has central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat controlled by relay as an output device that has the power USES the transformer step-down, safe and reliable high reliability, high applicability

central air conditioner thermostat main functions: on/off control central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat temperature calibration function of indoor temperature setting cold/hot conversion control indoor temperature measurement and display the temperature protection function three-speed manual or automatic conversion wind machine remote control functions ( Optional)

appearance fashion, the large screen liquid crystal display (LCD)

using high-performance single chip microcomputer, strong anti-interference

relay output, safe and reliable

light touch buttons, comfortable

humanized design, easy operation

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