Hotel central air conditioning fan coil air conditioning switch panel LCD thermostat four speed control panel

by:Edison      2020-08-31

central air conditioning LCD thermostat automatic control central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat automatic control fan coil, electric air valve, electric valve, water two or three lines, the function is all ready, central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat is suitable for you to adjust the temperature you want.

LCD LCD thermostat power memory thermostat modified, when you sleep, suddenly loses power, the temperature controller is suitable for you, telephone automatic startup and automatic recovery work status, considerate and thoughtful design concept.

central air conditioner thermostat transformer power supply

central air conditioner thermostat adopts relay as output elements usually used in automatic control circuit, the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, safety protection, conversion circuit, and so on.

central air conditioner thermostat screen LCD

in the production of every a thermostat is a big LCD, screen display various state, light touch keys is man-machine dialogue more directly, it can make your life more convenient, save time and manpower.

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