Household thermostatic valve function characteristics, rounding

by:Edison      2020-09-07

you might ask, thermostatic valve is a what thing? The following answers by constant temperature pipeline valve manufacturer for you!

solar water heater company to the user can wash a hot bath, winter morning is greatly improve the ability of heat set! But the heat up to the 'standard' in winter, summer, autumn heat that excess, the phenomenon of high temperature hot water output is inevitable! Cause consumers to use undeserved and cause burns case also common occurance.

in rizhao fully or more days without case, fell down the output of the solar water heater temperature can reach 100 ℃, pressure type would be even higher, so the selection of the hot water pipe is high temperature resistant, such not only improves the cost, also left a hidden danger. This time it is necessary to use thermostatic valve. Don't have to consider is 80 ℃ or 100 ℃ hot water, as long as a thermostatic valve setting of how many degrees Celsius, it can set the temperature of the water.

in constant mix water valve, the mixed water outlet equipped with hot sensitive component temperature, water temperature changes make the thermal expansion or contraction control valve components inside the valve core to move, seal or open cold, hot water inlet. After the temperature control knob set a certain temperature, mix water valve by adjusting into the outlet, the proportion of hot and cold water, the water temperature keeps constant. Not affected by hot water temperature to reduce the impact of the change, the increase or decrease in water or water pressure. Thermostatic valve solves the bath in the process of hot and cold water pressure imbalance is difficult to regulate problems blows hot and cold water temperature change and stress change.

home thermostatic valve to replace the ordinary mix water valve, only open the switch when bathing water flowing out of set temperature ( As a general rule, be 20 degrees - 55 degrees) , save water resources, and reduce the trouble regulating.

home thermostatic valve function characteristics:

1, easy installation, just plug in cold and hot water pipe, will bring up the constant temperature water automatically.

2, adjustable temperature, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

3, cold water or hot water when single tube water automatic water instantly, prevent burns, catch a cold.

4, cold, hot water supply pressure force, water temperature changes, the instant flow always set temperature adjustment, automatic compensation of water.

5, inside a one-way valve can prevent the hot and cold water and string.

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