Household water cooler temperature switch is broken

by:Edison      2020-08-25

water dispenser of the hvac thermostat is burnt, temperature switch is damaged

the first step, if the water machine is broken, please first check the current fuse. Current fuse should be behind the water cooler. Current fuse is insulation plastic head, with a prominent part of the screw. Counterclockwise gently to loosen it. Yes, can only find some drinking fountains open the back cover. If there are two symmetrical left and right sides, this is not the current security header, but the drainage pipe cleaning. Current fuse is separate, and color is also different. Take the things damage to buy two or three, for future use.

in the second step, using a multimeter to measure the resistance of the heating tube. If the temperature is very low or zero, should disconnect heating tube.

the third step is water dispenser connector, namely the plug may be poor contact, or the plug of the zero line short circuit, the detected socket will be charged. At this point, the two lines must be electrified.

the third step, the long-term use of water dispenser of the power cord, may be internal disconnect, as long as one of the wire broken, water fountain will be without power input.

the fourth step, because of long time in the extended state, therefore the power input part of the water machine breakdown due to corrosion and oxidation.

usually, two hvac thermostat facing you, with wire, a constant temperature through surface without button ( Automatic reset thermostats) And the other a constant temperature through surface has a button ( Manual reset thermostats) , please open the power supply, then turn the power off, press the button to manually can be manually reset thermostats, and view the water machine is improved. If not, then the damage of a thermostat.

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