How should the central air conditioner thermostat analysis choice

by:Edison      2020-09-23

central air conditioner thermostat observation indoor heat and heat placed long-term parsing, limit the blower fan coil units and electric water valve, to achieve coordination of indoor heat, glad that the goal of saving energy. To adapt to the two pipe lines to/four control and two/three electric three-way valve, three-speed fan coil. Hold road RS485 network interface, FC270C hold only) To access the building automation system. Generally as a class party, star-rated hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, folk houses, etc.

electric water heater central air conditioner thermostat design area of contact with copper pieces of metal, because copper is sensitive to heat from the cold a little bit in heat to set the value of time, the copper sheet metal is circuitous posture, now it is closed to cut off the contact. When the heat of the water in the water is heated to set up the heat conduction into the central air-conditioning thermostat copper copper being heated straight above will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. At an hour when heat reduce copper and return to original state contact cut into electricity heating condition. 。

central air conditioner thermostat, it is a coat of bimetallic strip of new central air conditioner thermostat. Central air conditioner thermostat back in the early action is corresponding to various electric goods too hot hot spells for a long time, and thermal fuse collusion based on. Central air conditioner thermostat used in critical services, reduced thermal fuse in central air conditioner thermostat when used for secondary services, strong collaboration each other, avoid burn out electric heating element, and therefore formed by fire.

central air conditioner thermostat will take the lead in the power cord, the sensing line and line of the fan is connected with the central air conditioner hvac thermostat, electric inspection: if equal phase heat performance overall, trouble-free alarm a overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator, with the hand move panel manually or active button, fan indicator, if the fan should be started again by manual or active button, indicator to calm the fan and the fan should be interrupted movement, general overall differentiate central air conditioner thermostat operations.

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