How the central air conditioning open - Open right steps

by:Edison      2020-08-22

how open central air-conditioning & ndash; Correct open step 1. After connecting the power supply, through the up and down or so key of the hvac thermostat, correct choice of the mode of operation, such as refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, ventilation, etc.

2。 Choose the required mode after the set temperature, temperature setting range of 20 - general refrigeration mode 30 ℃, temperature setting range is 14 - heating mode 27℃。

3。 For air volume Settings, just best to high-end air volume, when the phone is switched on for system operation after a period of time, then according to the demand to intermediate or low air volume.

4。 Cooling mode set temperature is lower than at room temperature, heating mode set temperature is higher than room temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of compressor.

5。 If the central air conditioning for some external factors suddenly stop, best after 3 min to boot, prevent damages to the central air conditioning. And now the central air conditioning is generally equipped with downtime delayer, stop immediately after boot if abnormal in central air conditioning, system will automatically after 3 min delay to start running again.

how open central air-conditioning & ndash; How to open the most comfortable healthy ability to match: in the first place will be chosen for a room of my own ability to moderate air conditioning, the size of the room and air conditioning on the number of horse must match. A small cart and killed on the wheel, is not the right thing to do, waste of electricity, also can not get comfortable experience.

regular service: regular for central air conditioning cleaning and maintenance, to keep the airway open air conditioning, ensure the flow of air supply outlet, reduce the wastage of the resulting from congestion.

the reasonable installation: air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners to shady room or try to choose the shady side of the room, avoid direct sunlight on the air conditioner, if do not have this condition, it should be on the air conditioner and sun shade.

a comfortable temperature, refrigeration, raise 1 degree; When heating, low 2 degrees, set the room temperature at 26 - 27 ℃, 10% of energy can be, and shall not affect the comfort.

keep unobstructed, do not pile up near the outlet of the big furniture, outlet was blocked the refrigeration and heating effect how good, but also block the cooling, greatly increase the power consumption!

at the above narrative, believe that you already know how to be opened the central air conditioning. Although different central air conditioner hvac thermostat design is different, but generally open steps are similar. In order to prolong the service life of the central air conditioning, avoid by all means is frequently switch machine, because it not only energy saving, also easy to damage the central air conditioning.

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